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We provide free and confidential consultations with licensed Doctors and Pharmacists to address any concerns you have in ordering CBD Oil online.

CBD Oil Information

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant... generally, for medical use, in the hemp plant, which contains no THC. THC causes the high of the marijuana plant. Researchers are discovering more and more ways that CBD is beneficial in our bodies... from reducing pain and inflamation, fighting cancer, relieving anxiety, even treating or preventing diabetes, acne, epilepsy, alzheimers and many others. Check our CBD Oil Information page for more information.

CBD Oil Affiliate Program

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We provide the infrastructure, tools and templates you need to run your own CBD Oil website on our secure network, software and backend. You configure prices, store names, product options and more. We handle the hard stuff like payment processing, consultations and order fulfillment. You set up your website options and generate traffic to your websites. For every CBD Oil order your site generates, you earn 60% of the profit! And all of your customers remain yours for life ensuring your ongoing 60% profit for all of their subsequent orders!

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About Us

We are a US corporation based in Colorado Springs CO owned by people with many years experience in providing an ethical mail order service providing cost effective medication.

About Our eCadence Medicine Request Process
Patients enter the eCadence System as a redirect from CBD Oil Direct and process their order request using a combination of their previous personal physician consultation and online secure interaction with the contracted consulting physicians and the contracted dispensing pharmacy.

About Our Pharmacists
All of our dispensing pharmacists are licensed pharmacists operating from licensed pharmacies.

About Our Doctors
Of course, our pharmacists are only able to dispense prescription drugs upon receipt of a prescription issued by a licensed medical doctor. To help make healthcare more affordable, offers all our customers free doctor advice via an online consultation with a licensed medical practitioner. Once sanctioned by the doctor, a free prescription will then be issued in the patient's name. As soon as payment has been received, this prescription will then be issued to our dispensing pharmacists for dispensing and free delivery to the customer.

About Our Customer Service offers all our customers the option to use the services of our free Live Online Support and free doctor advice. From our call center based in the U.S., we provide live online chat sessions with one of our qualified patient care specialists. During these sessions, customers are able to ask questions about their order, request physician or pharmacist contact, or relay any other questions or queries they may have.