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CBD Oil Information

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant... generally, for medical use, in the hemp plant, which contains no THC. THC causes the high of the marijuana plant. Researchers are discovering more and more ways that CBD is beneficial in our bodies... from reducing pain and inflamation, fighting cancer, relieving anxiety, even treating or preventing diabetes, acne, epilepsy, alzheimers and many others. Check our CBD Oil Information page for more information.

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Welcome to CBD Oil Direct

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most prevalent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Unlike the more famous molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is completely nonpsychoactive. CBD is also found in the hemp plant, without the accompanying THC.

Don’t expect to get “high” off of this organic CBD chemical, however. CBD is all relaxation without intoxication.

While CBD still has an effect on your body, consuming CBD by itself isn’t going to send you on the cerebral adventure associated with THC. For decades, medical professionals and the general public overlooked CBD because psychoactive cannabis (THC)) took center stage.

Now, the medical potential of CBD has taken cannabis to mainstream audiences. Preclinical trials over the past couple decades have found that the CBD Oil can:

- Relieve Pain and Inflammation
- Reduce Insomnia and Improve Sleep
- Reduce Anxiety
- Strong Antioxidant
- Treat Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders
- Antidepressant
- Relieve Nausea
- Lower Incidence of Diabetes
- Promote Cardiovascular Health
- Help to Fight Cancer
- Has Antipsychotic Effects

Please watch the Youtube videos posted to the left here to learn more about CBD Oil.

CBD is often used by patients in the form of a hemp oil, either by placing the oil under the tongue, or by vaporizing (vaping). Patients with more chronic conditions such as cancer and epilepsy often use medical cannabis oil extracted from high-CBD varieties of cannabis (typically a one to one ratio of CBD with THC).This THC containing oil however is illegal unless you have a medical marijuana license, or your state has legalized marijuana. CBD oil from hemp, containing no THC, is generally considered legal in all 50 states.

Why Vaping CBD is the best way to ingest it

The oral bioavailability of CBD is roughly 15 percent. That means for every 100 milligrams of CBD that you eat,drink or put under your tongue, only 15 milligrams will actually reach your bloodstream.There are two main reasons why this happens. First, CBD is hydrophobic, meaning that it is not very water-soluble. In the same way that oil does not like to mix with vinegar, CBD does not like to stay in your bloodstream. Instead, it rapidly diffuses out of your blood and accumulates into your fatty tissues. Unfortunately, this significantly reduces the amount of bioactive CBD that can enter your systemic circulation, allowing for less CBD to be carried to its active sites in your body and thus lowering its overall bioavailability. Second, when an organic compound like CBD enters your gut, it has to pass through the liver before it enters your circulation. During this transition, the liver will actively reduce the amount of CBD, either through absorption or through chemical breakdown by liver enzymes. This phenomenon is called the, first-pass effect, where passing through the liver reduces the concentration of bioactive compounds.

How to Offset CBD Loss by Vaporizing

There are a few different ways to offset these losses of CBD. For one, you can reduce the amount of CBD that dissolves out of your bloodstream by putting the CBD into a form that is more hydrophilic,or water-soluble. However, this can only be achieved by complicated chemical means, such as through the use of cyclodextrins or liposomes. A more practical solution is to bypass the first-pass effect of oral administration entirely by utilizing vaporization. During vaporization, CBD enters your lungs and diffuses directly into your bloodstream rather than passing through your gut and liver. This avoids the first-pass effect altogether, allowing nearly four times as much CBD to enter your circulation for a maximum bioavailability of roughly 50 to 60 percent (4 X times oral ingestion). Essentially, this means, through vaping CBD, that you can achieve the same beneficial effects with a much smaller amount of CBD.

Where to Buy CBD Vape Oil

Our CBD Oil is sold through Candover Pharmacy, under the direction of real pharmacists and medical doctors... so you can be assured you will getting the highest quality real pharmacy grade CBD Oil available. Although a prescription is not required to buy CBD Oil, our pharmacist and doctors will be available to assist should you have any questions about CDB Oil or with using CBD Oil.

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